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Lemon Trees

Standard lemon tree varieties (Citrus limon) reach up to 20 feet tall, with dwarf varieties growing up to 12 feet high. This tropical tree produces mildly fragrant blossoms with white petals, which have purple undersides. The oval fruit is commonly light yellow, but some varieties are striped with green or white. Many lemon trees are everbearing -- they produce fruit throughout the year. Is this part of the country it is necessary to keep the trees indoor to survive the harsh winter.

2-3 ft. - Meyer Lemon Tree - Indoor Lemon Trees for Sale

Japanese Maple Trees

A fresh, richly-hued focal point of any landscape, the Japanese Maple Tree is known for standing out with amazing color. Landscape designers love to use its vibrant silhouette because it pops well against grass, flower beds and more. And its a small tree that you can plant near your home, patio, and tight spaces that allows for months of amazing visual interest with its scarlet leaves.

Vickerman 464229 - 4' Orange Maple Bush in Basket (TBU3740) Home Offic

Evergreen Pine Trees

Perfect for any yards landscape the evergreen pine trees can grow up to 20ft tall and can be planted 4ft from each other and when groomed properly they allow for nice privacy as a natural fence.

National Tree Company 48 in. Artificial Arborvitae Tree in Dark Green Round Growers Pot